Elections and Weather Push Axiom’s Island Mining Down
03 Jun 2019

During Q1 of 2019, Axiom Mining was faced with the twin threats of staffing and transportation shortfalls—caused respectively by heavy rainfall and a general election in the Solomon Islands. While these issues affected operations at the company’s San Jorge project, significant progress was still made, with excavations and preparations for a ramp-up in production slowed but not stopped.

Wet weather also directly impacted production at the site, bogging down San Jorge’s expected extraction rates and delaying necessary preparations for the site’s first shipment—which has been postponed until the end of July.

During the month ended 30 April 2019, approximately 10,000Mt of wet nickel laterite ore has been mined, extracted and stockpiled. Extraction rates are expected to increase with the cessation of the wet season and arrival of additional mine equipment—and the absence of any further elections, which require workers to return to their home islands to vote.