Antam Smelter Gearing up for Second-Half Start
12 Mar 2019

Aneka Tambang (Antam) has set a second-half 2019 start-up date for its ferronickel smelter in Indonesia’s East Halmahera regency. The smelter has an initial production target of 5,000tpa, which will ramp up to its nameplate capacity of 13.5ktpa and increase Antam’s overall ferronickel production capacity to 40.5ktpa.

The company, which saw a sixfold increase in its 2018 profits, is also aiming to start up a pig iron furnace in the region that will begin operations in the December Quarter of 2020. The company’s nickel ore exports have also been pegged to rise, with the miner aiming for a total of 5.2Mt of nickel exports in 2019—a large increase form 2018’s 3.9Mt.