Gain insight with our 2-year demand, supply and price forecasts.
Executive Summary
The month’s rapid review on one page outlining demand, supply, inventory and prices.
  • 2-year price forecasts on a quarterly and annual basis.
Tactical, short-term projections and discussion of market dynamics over the longer-term.
  • 2-year forecast horizon for demand, supply and prices.
Analysis of the forces shaping demand now and into the future.
  • 2-year global, regional and key country-level forecasts.
The latest in global supply trends, additions and disruptions.
  • 2-year global, regional and key country-level forecasts.
Feature Article
Every month, we put a topical issue under the microscope.
  • We analyse the key risks and opportunities of major supply and demand trends.
Site Review
A brief but strategic review of a major site, which includes our professional appraisal.
  • Includes saleable production, opex and revenue forecasts.
Economic Overview
Monthly analysis of major global economic trends and short-term prospects.
  • 2-year country-level GDP and IP forecasts.