Metallurgical Coal June 2020
Olive Downs Finally Gets the Go Ahead

Australia, the world’s largest producer of coking coal, remains at the forefront of new coal developments. AME forecasts that Australia will supply 200Mt of metallurgical coal bound to the global export market in 2020.


Thermal June 2020
Hunter Valley Coal Chain

Australia's Hunter Valley Coal Chain (HVCC) is the largest coal export operation in the world. It consists of coal producers, rail services, coal loading and portside services.


Oil Refineries June 2020
China’s Independent “Teapots” Face New Threat

Shandong Province has been China's predominant oil refining region for decades, surviving multiple government crackdowns and stiff competition from larger state-run refiners, to establish a niche in the global oil market.


Steel June 2020
What’s Keeping US Blast Furnaces Going….

The United States was the fourth largest producer of crude steel in 2019, with output of 87.9Mt. Most of the steel was produced at mini-mills operating electric-arc-furnaces (EAFs), predominantly melting scrap steel and accounting for nearly ~70% of the country's production. This is the inverse to the global industry where ~75% of steel is produced via the blast-furnace/basic oxygen furnace (BF/BOF) route at integrated steel plants.


Oil & Gas July 2020
Reviewing OPEC+ Oil Production Cuts

On 6 June 2020, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (“OPEC”) and leading oil producing ally countries referred to collectively as “OPEC+”, unanimously agreed to extend production cuts of approximately 10 million barrels per day through the end of July.


Gold July 2020
Gold's Carbon Footprint

The analysis conducted on behalf of the World Gold Council that we discussed in Parts 1 & 2 (Gold Outlooks May, June 2020) clearly identified that the majority of gold mining emissions are due to fossil fuels used in electricity production, whether bought from the grid or generated on-site.


Aluminium July 2020
Chinese Smelting Technology Outpaces Established Providers

Massive increases in Chinese smelting capacity, which saw the country reach and subsequently exceed 50% of world production in 2015, has seen the emergence of homegrown technology which surpasses the technical metrics of established Western technology providers.


LNG July 2020
Sun Setting on Australia’s First Wave LNG Investments

After six years of rapid expansion, Australia’s LNG capacity expansion is nearing its end. Although the country took the top LNG exporter spot in 2019-2020, LNG export earnings are expected to dip.


Cobalt July 2020
EVs are all about Chemistry

Battery chemistry has once again come into the spotlight, largely thanks to Tesla, which has dramatically pivoted from its position of removing cobalt from its batteries, to becoming one of Glencore’s largest cobalt customers, signing a long term agreement to source 6,000t of cobalt per year from the miner.

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