NEW Cobalt Products
August 2018
The cobalt rush continues to steam ahead on electric vehicle demand. Gain real, actionable insights with AME's NEW Cobalt products


Fueling future generations of electric vehicles has led to a surge in demand for cobalt. Cobalt is a key ingredient in most lithium-ion batteries required to power electric cars and a range of other products, such as smartphones and household appliances.

Navigating the direction the battery boom might take is causing difficulties for both miners and consumers of battery metals as they attempt the precarious business of matching supply with forecasts of demand that may or may not be accurate. 

Abolish the complication and doubt with AME's accurate, clear and easy-to-understand data and analysis. 



Market Outlooks

Unlock a highly targeted and tactical market focus on demand, supply and pricing for Cobalt

  • We offer in-depth coverage of the near-term global demand environment
  • AME's expert price forecasts
  • Comprehensive analysis of the supply-side, including: operating sites, project development, processing and refining, product qualities and regional cost drivers
  • And, commentary on the global macro-economic environment

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Cost Curves

Create custom Cobalt cost curves on the fly. Harness the power of our Cost Modeller, which allows you to manipulate our project data and create tailored cost curves with ease. In a couple of clicks, undertake comprehensive cost scenario analysis and export your work.

  • Discover our selection of historical and forecast years for cost analysis and trends
  • We provide you with an aggregation of project level costs to compare company and country averages
  • Ability to select specific cost curves, including cash costs, total production costs, margin curves, FOB cash costs and CFR costs
  • Cost curve colours are fully customizable so you can tailor the colour scheme to your specific needs

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AME is a bridge between the complexity of on-site engineering and commercial reality. Gain real, actionable insight with our engineering models, financial models, valuations and market analysis.

At AME, we provide a suite of services that combines nearly 50 years of industry and functional expertise with data, analytics, and software tools to help clients gain greater clarity in decision making and achieve significant long-term performance improvements.

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