International Metals & Ores Conference 2018
August 2018
AME Research was honoured to attend and be the major sponsor of the International Metals and Ores Conference, held by the China Metallurgical information and Standardization Institute (CMISI) on the 6-7th August 2018 at the Chang An Grand Hotel, Beijing, China.

More than 150 representatives from the steel, nonferrous metals and mining sectors attended the meeting, which was hosted by Yu Kai, vice president of China Metallurgical Information & Standardization Institute.

The event was attended by AME Research representatives Shaun Browne (Chairman & Managing Director), Leonard Rowe (Director of Business Development), Lloyd Hain (Director of Advisory) and Valerie Zhang (Relationship Manager).


Pictured from left: Valerie Zhang, Leonard Rowe, Lloyd Hain, Shaun Browne, Ma Jun, Yu Kai, Shen Kang


Pictured from left: Shaun Browne, Yu Kai


Mr. Shaun Browne, Chairman of AME, first expressed his gratitude for being invited to participate in the speech. As a Hong Kong-based company, AME has long been based in East Asia but serves a worldwide clientele.

The conference objective was to assist Chinese metallurgical companies understand recent technology advances and market information in the international metal and ores industry, as well as world class consultancy institutions research methodology.


Leonard Rowe giving his speech on the "Future pipeline of major iron ore projects with varying product qualities"


Throughout the event officials and experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the National Science and Technology gave insightful keynote speeches. In addition, AME research was invited to share their advanced information analysis methodologies and consulting practice cases. In coming years, the International Metals and Ores Conference will become an important platform for domestic and foreign companies, research institutes and industry consulting organisations in the metals and mining industry to exchange trade information, market prejudgment experience, response strategies and intelligence in regards too research methodologies.


Lloyd Hain giving his report on the “Quality of Metallurgical Coal and Its Application and Prospects in Steel”


Lloyd Hain, Advisory Director of AME Research, gave a report on the “Quality of Metallurgical Coal and Its Application and Prospects in Steel”. He explored the analysis of the status quo of the steel industry, the market overview of metallurgical coal and thermal coal, and the demand and price situation were analysed. AME believes that the current demand for metallurgical coal is strong, the rapid increase in price will not continue, and the import of thermal coal will tend to be stable.


Pictured from left: Roy Song, Valerie Zhang, Wang Huan


At AME, we provide a suite of services that combines 45 years of industry and functional expertise with data, analytics, and software tools to help clients gain greater clarity in decision making and achieve significant long-term performance improvements. Through this event we have built a great relationship and partnership with CMISI and AME Research looks forward to attending and participating in future events.