Scope of Works
AME Consulting’s approach in undertaking such technical assignments or market transactions starts with a high degree of collaboration with the client to understand their objectives and develop a work plan and scope of works best suited to meet the client’s needs.
Specialist Team
For each engagement, a specialist team is dedicated to the study based upon technical skills, industry experience and the specific project deliverables. Through the course of a study AME engages in frequent progress updates to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
Collecting and Collating the Information
Once the Scope of Works has been defined AME begins the task of collecting and collating the information required for the assignment. Care is taken conducting a thorough review and audit of all available information to ensure that quality is maintained with all client correspondence and assignment information stored securely and confidentially.
Technical Analysis
At the execution stage, technical analysis focused and tailored to the specific objectives of the client is performed and documented.
Iterative Refinements
During this process the client and other stakeholders are engaged to provide feedback, facilitating iterative refinements.
Final Deliverables
Once all parties are satisfied that the all aspects of the assignment as outlined in the Scope of Works have been met, AME presents the final deliverables to the client.